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transfer syringe

2.00 Grams

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Product Description

transfer syringe = no more mess!

» holds up to 12mL
» used to transfer liquid/gel/cream into empty tubes
» removable tip (extra tips available)
» leak proof when tip locks in place

* each package contains 2 syringes and 2 tips


There are 2 review(s) for transfer syringe

  • Syringe

    by Saj Mack – 28th Mar 2012

    So thankful for the syringe! I purchased my tubes before this came out and it was a slow messy process using a dropper.

    With the new transfer syringe it makes filling the tubes easy with no mess.

  • Transfer syringe

    by Ani_BEE – 12th Mar 2012

    It seems silly that finding quality transfer syringes in Canada is so hard to find. These are probably the best I've worked with so thank you for selling them.

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