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starter kit

1,350.00 Grams

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Product Description

refillable starter kit

» a collection of the essential items to get your kit started
» industry discount applies to this item, please visit the "industry discount" page for more information on how to apply.

kit includes:

pearl paint & eyeshadows in 40 well palette -
pp017 pp031 pp024 es103 es192 es382 es057 es276
pp049 pp071 pp070 es330 es569 es371 es279 es135
pp019 pp072 pp036 es231 es575 es611 es448 es265
pp061 pp008 pp066 es048 es347 es109 es158 es296
pp056 pp013 pp047 es509 es539 es144 es241 es160

concealer & lip colors in 20 well palette -
cc013 cc002 lc319 lc181 lc013
cc011 cc042 lc231 lc414 lc060
cc016 cc062 lc255 lc237 lc246
cc036 cc069 lc020 lc198 lc277

highlight & powder foundations in 6 well palette -
pd100 pf089 pf025
pf059 pf046 pf056

blush & bronzer in 8 well palette -
bl001 bl023 bl011
bl012 bl022
bl034 bl035 bl031

brow & liners in freestyle palette -
br001 br002 br003
br004 br005 br006
cl001 cl002 cl003 cl004 cl005
cl006 cl007 cl008 cl009

choice of cream foundations in 8 well palette -
cf013 cf011 cf061
cf004 cf042
cf062 cf064 cf072

or liquid foundations -
ivory buff custard
honey pecan caramel

* while we have tried to accurately display the colors of our products, the actual colors you see may vary depending on the monitor you are using.


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