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refillable empty tubes

6.00 Grams

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Product Description

refillable tubes = lighten up + travel with all your essential liquids

» you can now bring all your favorite liquid products with you in your kit even when you travel!
» can hold 12ml of liquid, gel or cream
» removable tip
» stainless steel ball in each tube to help remix products that separate easily
» leak proof lid
» recommend filling with transfer syringe

* refillable tubes come in packs of 3


There are 5 review(s) for refillable empty tubes

  • My new addiction

    by Liz C. – 13th Apr 2012

    I finally got my hands on these and started condensing not only my makeup & skin care products, but also some hair products (like liquid pomade)! There were tons of products that I considered bringing with me to some jobs, but they didn't fit into my kit that I planned to bring that day.

    I don't mind taking the time once in a while to refill it for the convenience of the lighter load. Your back will thank you!

  • Best thing ever!

    by Saj Mack – 28th Mar 2012

    I love these tubes, for someone that has a large range of liquid products in my kit it's a space saver/life saver.

    No more large bottles that add weight and take up space. The tubes seem small but they hold a lot so you won't be refilling often.

  • Condense Your Makeup Kit!!!!!

    by Lauren Gurski – 25th Mar 2012

    As a pro mua, condensing my makeup kit is essential to be able to take all the products I need with me - for all skin types and skin tones. Using these products with the syringe is a no mess super genius idea. All my skincare products, primers, liquid highlighters, and ALL MY FOUNDATIONS go into these tubes! Best idea ever!!!!

  • Genius!

    by Yisell – 13th Mar 2012

    I absolutely love these for travel. Makes it so much easier to pack and leaves me with a much lighter kit to carry around. Plus, it keeps the TSA agents at bay.

  • Refillable empty tubes

    by Ani_BEE – 12th Mar 2012

    I just loved these for both liquid and airbrush foundation custom mixes. The stainless steel ball makes it idea for remixing if anything separates during transport.

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