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Product Description

grippies = make it stick!

» make any depotted pans work with your magnetic palettes.
» remove backing on grippies and secure it on to any pans that refuse to be held on by magnetic surface.
» grippies ensure that all pans are equally loved by your palette!

* grippies are NOT magnets. stick grippies on the bottom of any aluminum pans to make them magnetic palette friendly.
* some magnetic palettes may not have very strong magnets. if you find the magnetic palette not holding on to your pan securely enough, try using multiple grippies on large pans or stacking two grippies side by side on average size pans.

known brands that nee grippies (these do not stick to magnetic palettes after depotting):  

» Ben Nye lumiere
» Boots No7 single and palette shadows
» Lorac eyeshadows
» MAC (depotted)
» Pout
» Urban Decay (23mm)
» Smashbox (23mm)

known brands that do not need grippies:

» Boots Botanics shadows
» Lorac "Take a brow"
» MUFE eyeshadows


There are 2 review(s) for grippies

  • Grippies

    by Saj Mack – 28th Mar 2012

    that awkward moment when you go on a depotting binge and realize the pans aren't magnetic. magnetic grippies save the day!

  • 13mm (pack of 25) Grippies

    by Ani_BEE – 12th Mar 2012

    I use/own so many of these small ones to go with my Z-palettes. It's the perfect size for you no traditional round 26mm pans as you can use on or two of them to match regular or rectangle shapes. I honest have 2 Z-palettes will with Wet N Wild shadows using these.